Product & Services


Button Cell, Lithium, Zinc Chloride, Alkaline, Ni-CD & Ni-MH, Battery Packs


Fiber Optics, Printer, SCSI, Flat, Network, Cat.5, Audio, Wire Harness, Adapter/Terminator, Power Cords


All Connectors Including: Card Edge, D-Sub, Headers, Sockets, USB Connectors, Power Inlets, Power Outlets, RJ, Receptacles, Modular IEC320 Connectors, Power Switches, CRT Sockets, Jacks: DC, earphone, RCA, opto, jack mini din, Battery socket, hinges Crystals, Ceramic Resonator, Ceramic Filters, Ceramic Trap and Discriminators


Crystals, Oscillators, Crystal Resonators, Ceramic Resonator, Ceramic Filters, Trap & Discriminators



Custom and Standard products, LCM, COG,COB, TAB, OLED

TFT Modules

Analog, Digital, A/D Board Support: VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, TV and custom interface,

Touch Screens

Individual touch screen and integrated touch screens.

Vacuum Fluorescent

Displays including full integration, POS poles, Price verifier terminals


AC and DC brushless fans, blowers

LED Products



Ferrite Magnets, Soft Ferrite Cores, Ferrite Powder, Plastic & Rubber Magnets,

Membrane Keypads and Graphic overlays

Membrane Keypads and Graphic overlays with and without tactile feedback (thermoforming), Membrane switches with and without tactile feedback (thermoforming and or metal domes), Control panels with Mechanical switches, Membrane switches with PC interface, Membrane switches with backlighting,


Precision Metal

Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Metal Casing Designs, Aluminum Impact Extrusion, Plastic over molding, cast

Sheet Metal Forming

Casing, Chassis, Heat Sinks, Front Panel, Brackets

Vacuum Plating PVD

Vacuum Plating PVD (Particle Vapor Deposition) surface treatment for color coating and Stainless steel hard coating.


AC motors, DC motors, Stepping Motors


Power Automotive, Telecom, Hermetic, Solid State, Time and socket

Passive Components

Antennas, Capacitors, Fuses, Lamps & Lighting, Metal Oxide Varistors, Rectifiers, Resistors,Inductors, Sensors, Thermistors, Wire and Cable

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding including Vacuum Plating PVD (Particle Vapor Deposition) surface treatment for optic color coating

Power Products


UPS Charger, Switching AC adapters, AC/DC adapters, MP3/MP4 chargers & Phone charger, Custom

Power Suppliers

Switching Power Supplies, Linear Power Supplies, Enclosed & Open Frame Power Supplies, Inverters, DC to DC Converters, Custom Power Supplies, UPS


High Frequency Communication/PCMCIA Modem , Printed Circuit Power, Modem & Phone coupling, Audio, High Freq Filter/Inductors, Custom

Printed Circuit Boards

Domestic Printed Circuit Boards

Domestic Printed Circuit Boards- Single to 14 Layers- Quick Turn to Production

Off Shore Printed Circuit Boards (HK)

Flex- 1 layer to 8 layers-Low to Medium Volume-quick turn service

Off Shore Printed Circuit Boards (Taiwan)

Single to 14 layer-Low to Medium Volume- 1 wk turn service


A/D/ D/A IC’s

Digital Filters, Audio D/A, Audio D/A + Digital Filter, Audio DSP's, A/D D/A Converters, oscillator ICs, Anti Shock Memory Controller, Melody Voice Synthesizer, PPCSAG, Decoder, Frequency

Drivers IC’s

LED Drive IC’s, Notebook Fan Drive IC’s, Camera Motor Drive IC’s, Fan Speed Control IC’s, Power: Switch Power Supply Monitor IC’s, Link: Fiber Optical Transmitting / Receiving IC’s

Interface IC’s

PCI Products and Peripherals, USB 1.1 Products and Peripherals, USB 2.0 Products and Peripherals, PCI-PCI Bridge, Audio Codec, 1394 PCI controller, PHY, 1394 Single chip, 1394A to ATA133 Controller

Memory IC’s

Flash Memory, Low-power RAMs, including SRAMs, Pseudo SRAMs, DRAMs, DDR, SDR DRAMs, and system chips SDRAM, Known-Good-Die (KGD) and packaged ICs.

Multimedia IC’s

Mixed Signal Mutimedia Semiconductors, audio USB2.0 high speed., battery recharge, video compression real time clock, nand controller, broadcast tuner, 2 way communication, theatre quality audio, printer interface

Power Management IC’s

Voltage Detectors, Voltage Regulators, DC/DC Converters, Multi Power Supply ICs, Charge Pump ICs, Power Mosfets, Crystal Oscillator IC, Op Amps, CMOS Logic ICs, Pin Diodes, Temp. Sensor, PLL Clock Generator ICs

IC Packaging

We can package multiple wafer die into and single IC package

Speakers and Microphones

Standard and Custom Speakers, Piezo Buzzer, Magnetic Buzzer, Siren, Receiver, Mobile phone Accessories


Tactile-Rocker- Push Button & Pressure Switches, Toggle- Snap Action- Dip Rotary & Dip Switches, Indicator lamps,

Global Sourcing through our sourcing offices in China, Taiwan and Singapore.

AVL items, Crosses, Search missions for any type of component, Shortages, OEM / ODM consumer electronic retail devices. QVS Marketing Value Add, Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Engineering and Consulting Services

Engineering and Consulting Services Hardware Design, PCB Layout, Compliance Services for UL,CE and FCC, PLD, CPLD,FPGA, ASIC, Software, Electrical & Automation, Industrial

Labels-Custom Packaging-Printing

Custom product labels, retail box packaging, OEM manuals

Manufacturing Services

Full domestic and off-shore turn key assembly, prototype to full production assembly

OEM / ODM low volume to high volume, quick turn, Wireless, RF, RFID, 802.11 RF Smart Antenna

Stocking services

Consignment, JIT, Kitting, local stock service

QVS Marketing Computer Products Division

QVS Marketing is a reseller of computer peripherals. We offer many value add capabilities including

Custom Configuration of Networks, PC’s, RAID Systems, Servers, and Disc Drive Formatting.

Reseller of Computer Peripherals

Standard Products, End of Life & Obsolete Products for the following types of products

Controller cards, CPUs, Drives, Keyboards, Motherboards, Modems, Monitors, Memory Modules, PCMCIA Cards, Mouse, Network Cards, Printers, Video Cards, Scanners, Sound Cards, and Systems, Etc.